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Michigan VR 4 Kids Initiates 2024 Program!

Michigan VR 4 Kids Initiates 2024 Program!

An exciting start to the 2024 VR 4 Kids Program is well underway at Maggie's Wigs 4 Kids, powered by XR Impact Network!

2024 kicked off with a generous donation of 2 new Meta Quest 3 headsets, made possible through the enduring kindness of strategic partner-- 18Loopin partnership with the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO). We look forward to learning how Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 models compare in the words of the children trialing them for the project throughout the year.

Thank you, Greg Tarnkacki, CEO, for your continued and loyal support of these worthy children, wellness center and project!

New deployments are active and the first set of testing assessments are in!

New, exciting partnerships are also-- well underway... Watch this space!

Valued existing partner: TRIPP, Inc continues to generously provide children in the program access to their incredible, award-winning experiences, while Cleanbox Technology continues to protect immune compromised children visiting the center by providing two, premium, eco-friendly, hospital-grade device decontamination cabinets on site. We could not ask for more generous, compassionate or caring partners.

In 2023, MW4K served approximately 50% pediatric cancer, 36% alopecia and 11% trichotillomania specific youth populations. In 2024, one goal is to expand the reach of the VR 4 Kids Program to enable more children at the center to benefit from the technology and to gather meaningful insights into how it helps each specific population they serve.

If the first testing assessments are any indication, CEO Maggie Varney and her team will continue to make a growing impact in the Michigan community through their innovative leadership and cutting-edge VR programming.

If this local, grassroots, collaborative, wellness VR Project inspires your work or vision as a model for how Virtual Reality can be deployed at the community level to impact people at scale, where and when they need it--tell us how!

Be sure to follow us at  as we continue to provide news and insights from the unfolding VR 4 Kids 2024 program and valued stakeholders throughout the year!

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