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First-person review of Virtual Reality's impact in Pediatric Cancer

First-person review of Virtual Reality's impact in Pediatric Cancer

"I hope to help many other kids, as VR has helped me."

As a pediatric cancer survivor and participant in the VR 4 Kids Program at Maggie's Wigs 4 Kids of Michigan, Bree, Age 10, shines as a passionate and authentic technology advocate.

Amplifying her message presents a unique opportunity to help others. To that hopeful end, we are honored to share her talk with you here.

In this under 5-minute video, Bree, with her mom by her side, shares a rich, firsthand, detailed accounting of when and where virtual reality helped her-- as well as, how and why.

Whether you are:

A parent with a child facing cancer seeking new ways to support your child through it,

A software engineer who developed these VR Apps or is dedicated to creating the characters, capabilities, and creative, fully immersive experiences Bree describes

An XR Product CEO driven to improve the human condition through funding new VR wellness apps,

A grad student inspired to research these conditions, solutions, and topics further,

Or, a billion dollar company like Meta seeking examples of the critical need and demand for VR beyond gaming and entertainment to understand how Quest hardware delivered this result in healthcare for children facing cancer…

➡ This video is for YOU.

Maggie's Wigs 4 Kids of Michigan, VR 4 Kids Program is powered by XR Impact Network and their selective network of XR solution partners.

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